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In addition to helping in diagnosing and repairing various problems, Allantesource can also provide parts that are needed to complete these repairs. As parts become discontinued, we are saving as many old parts as possible by rebuilding them. We have had some necessary items reproduced, such as ABS high pressure hoses, internal gears for header latch motors, window regulator parts, and castings for soft top rear pulldown actuators. Other reproduction parts will be coming in the future as time and money permit. We have resisted the switch to on-line parts ordering. The main reason for this is that in many instances people do not know exactly what they need. We would rather spend some time up front to help determine what most likely will fix the problem, rather than allowing someone to blindly throw parts at a problem ordered off a website until they happen to make the right guess. Below is a partial list of parts we carry. It is not complete. If you don't see what you need, call or e-mail and we'll see what we can to fill your need. In some instances, we may be temporarilly out of stock on rebuilt parts while waiting for cores to be returned.
Most Commonly ordered parts:
Front and rear top pulldown actuator asemblies (pulldown motors)
Driver and passenger side master control window switches
Window regulators
Window motors
ABS master cylinders 1987-1992
ABS pumps 1987-1992
ABS high pressure hose and seals
ABS control modules
All engine and body computer modules for all model years
Central Power Supplies
Fan control modules 1987-1989
AC Blower modules
Timer relays for header motors
Fan relays for 1990-1993 Allante's
Rebuilt Bose speaker amps
Rebuilt radio receivers
Rebuilt radio antennas
Rebuilt CD players 1990-1993
Rebuilt cassette players 1987-1989
Rebuilt cassette players 1990-1993
New underdash courtesy lamps
GE892 bulbs for trunk mounted stop light 1987-1992
Light sensors
Body parts:
Front and rear bumper assemblies
Front and rear bumper covers
Front and rear bumper moldings
Sidemarker lights front and rear
Directional lamp assemblies front bumper
Windshields, side windows, rear windows
Vent glass both doors
Outside rearview mirrors
Tail lights (very few)
"Cadillac" and "Allanté" tail light scripts
Trunk lids
Rear fenders
Front clip
Rear clip
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Core support
Steering columns and parts
Mechanical parts
Water pump
Oil pan
Oil Level Indicator
Oil Pressure Switches
Used and rebuilt engines
Used and rebuilt transaxles
Struts and shocks
Fuel pump
Power steering pumps
Airconditioning system
New Delco compressors
Receiver driers
Orifice tubes
Evaporator cores
Hose manifold assemblies
Convertible Top
New Robbins Sunfast G tops in black
Other colors by special order
Robbins headliners
New escutcheons
New side cables
Front weatherstrip for 1987-1990
Rear window lower seal all model years
Rear pulldown assembly
Header pulldown assemblies for 1990.5 through 1993
New and used manual latch handles for 1987-1990
Rear window glass assembly
Quarter glass assemblies
Soft top cover all years (boot)
Minicovers (only a few)
Minicover locating pins (rubber) for 1990.5 -1993
Release linkage for boot latch
Boot latch striker
Boot latch
Interior Parts
New seat leather kits in natural beige, black, red 1989-1992 style
(1993 kits are being developed)
(1987-1988 can use 1989-1992 kits, but side no seams. Sorry, no saddle tan yet.)

New reproduction headrest bellows 1988-1992
Door panels
Some good used carpet sets
Used dash assembies
Steering wheels with new leather

Parts repairs (send your parts to us for repair)
Driver Information Center Combo panels
Digital and analog instrument clusters
Center consoles
Seat backs with broken handles
Visor vanity mirrors 1990.5-1993
Module troubleshooting