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Window Switches

To change the window switch (either side), first pry up the back with a very small screwdriver or putty knife or kitchen knife (not a sharp one). Then the switch pivots up from the rear and out. Depending on whether the switch has been removed/door pulled apart before, further disassembly may not be necessary. When the car was built, all the wires were wire tied to the door panel under the armrest. That was to keep them from rubbing on the power door lock linkage. Hardly anyone reties them back. So if everything pulls out far enough, you can disconnect the connectors from the switch itself and then the other three can be pulled out of the opening far enough to get at the connectors. Otherwise, you have to remove the two screws in the armrest grip. Then there is an angle bracket underneath. This has four screws to remove. The the bracket comes out. It holds the express down module. That can stay connected. You will be able to access the wire tie and cut it to free the wires, then disconnect the plugs. The only tricky thing here is the Phillips head screws in the armrest grip. They can be rusted in sometimes. The safest way to remove them is to not use a screwdriver. For more torque, get the proper size Phillips bit (from a magnetic screwdriver with multiple bits). You will need a 1/4" drive socket and ratchet handle. Make sure you keep this straight into the head. You will be able to break these screws loose, even if they are rusty. Then remove the bracket and cut the wire tie. The connectors cannot be mixed up. Allantesource usually has both brand new and reconditioned switches available for passenger side, but has rebuilt only for driver side. Sometimes we are out of stock on driver side, so e-mail us at for price and availability.